• Time for Bauhaus


Time for Bauhaus


Time passes. Good design remains.


True to the premise of “form follows function”, the artist and Bauhaus scholar Max Bill created a timepiece of a special kind. The logical dial design of the kitchen clock of 1956, which made design history, became the characteristic feature of his timepieces and was incorporated into the design of the first wristwatches of Max Bill in 1961. The artist places particular attention on the combination of utility value and beauty. With constructive clarity and the strive for aesthetic perfection, the design classics of the JUNGHANS max bill line are still produced largely unchanged to this day.


The Bauhaus


Instrumental in revolutionising architecture, art and design, the Staatliche Bauhaus was founded in Weimar more than 100 years ago. Functional design has been a characteristic of Junghans watches since the 1930s. Thanks to Max Bill, Junghans enjoys a special affinity to the Bauhaus style: This is represented in our max bill series of watches, as much in vogue today as at the time of their initial conception. Bauhaus’ design philosophy, and that of Max Bill himself lives on in our watches.



Max Bill


Max Bill

Max Bill was an architect, painter, sculptor and product designer. His work was always focused on the most essential elements, a hallmark of the Bauhaus philosophy. Whether this related to a watch or a piece of art, they were equally an “embodiment of the environment” and as such should be both elegant and practical in their everyday use.







The series of mechanical watches developed by Max Bill back then are still being produced by us practically unchanged today. 
From the puristic dial with the specially designed, distinctly rounded numerals, to the domed glass which emphasises the historical charm of the watch. 
The elegant simplicity of a modest case also focuses on the principle element: the time. Practicality and aesthetics could not be combined to greater effect in this regard.
The design philosophy of Max Bill lives on in our watches. This is upheld by way of continued clarification with the designer’s successors and the max, binia + jakob bill foundation. Ensuring that original is forever original.








max bill Automatic Bauhaus




1919 marks the foundation of the state-owned Bauhaus in Weimar. The school of thought philosophy conceived by Bauhaus scholar Max Bill lives on today in our max bill models. Junghans now introduce the max bill Automatic Bauhaus to mark this unique relationship. Intricate workmanship on the case back grants an impression which will last far beyond the anniversary year: A miniature image depicts the academy with the world-famous Bauhaus logo, the red entrance door and the monumental windowed fa?ade. The glass back provides an insight into the self-winding movement of the watch.






Source of energy, source of inspiration:
the sun as a driving force.




As a life-giving source of energy, the sun has been an inspiration for Junghans solar-powered watches as far back as the 1980s. The max bill MEGA Solar continues this tradition of sustainability beautifully. At the same time, it is compatible with both the wearer and the environment: With the titanium material the wearer experiences a surprising lightness of the watch and it is also extremely skin-friendly. The watch straps are vegetable-tanned in respect of the environment. A state-of-the-art radio-controlled movement, a perpetual calendar and simple adjustment of the time zones using the crown, or in just a few seconds with Junghans’ own time signal from the Junghans MEGA App provide added comfort and convenience. Even the design of the max bill MEGA Solar adheres to the theme of sustainability: The minimalistic form language so typical of the Bauhaus will remain forever contemporary – yesterday, today, tomorrow and beyond.




No compromises.
In time or in style.




Even as colours are going in and out of fashion: Black and white is always popular. Perhaps, because our world is becoming more colourful from one second to the next, the two most splendid ‘non-colours’ come into their own so effortlessly amidst the countless, ever-changing colour trends. The combination of black and white is not just striking in appearance, however. It also communicates purism, elegance and coolness like no other colour combination. This is a classic choice for watch design.  In short: In addition to ruling out any compromise with black and white, this combination will always prove to be the correct option. Forever en vogue.





? VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019