• The art of giving form to function.


01 Design


Good style can be appreciated anywhere. As can a Junghans. A Junghans watch combines skilled craftsmanship, innovative thinking, passion and an enduring design with great attention to detail.


The best products are created through constructive co-operation.


02 Construction


Good work arises from constructive collaboration. With the latest software and the experience of over 150 years of watch and clock making, our draughtsmen deliver the technical realisation of the ideas of our designers.


03 Parts manufacturing


The care, craftsmanship and feel for creative detail characterise a Junghans watch.


We are extremely discerning


04 Quality management


Quality management from the word go means: Before a watch enters production, the prototypes and serial parts are subjected to optical and technical tests.


Numerous individual parts combine to form a Junghans watch


05 Production


Only when all components have successfully passed quality inspection are they brought together to create a Junghans watch.



Timeless enjoyment.


06 Service


Junghans watches have high quality requirements. Our professional service helps you to maintain this.