Junghans confirms sales on a par with levels of the previous year


Offsetting the difficult situation for international markets, significant growth in stationary specialized trade has allowed the Schramberg-based watch manufacturer to announce positive earnings for the

eleventh year in succession for 2019.

Schramberg, 14th February 2020.
Uhrenfabrik Junghans GmbH & Co. KG were once again able to record positive figures for 2019 with sales reaching 21.6 million Euros. Boasting a workforce of 112 employees, the company generated a considerably higher profit compared with the previous year as a direct result of target-oriented investments in digital services, as well as specific structural changes. Junghans withdrew from department stores in the German market back in 2018 in order to boost stationary specialized trade – a strategic measure which has subsequently led to extremely prosperous sales figures. As well as providing steady earnings, optimum ordering behaviour in German trade also guaranteed a growth in sales to the tune of 7.3 %. Uhrenfabrik Junghans is also able to announce considerable growth for the USA and Japan. Clear gains compared with the previous year could be secured in two of the most significant countries for the traditional business from Schramberg: Junghans realised a sales increase of more than 20% in the Japanese and American markets. Despite this positive development, sales on an international level for the previous year could not be repeated, largely due to difficult regional circumstances. In revenue-related markets such as Hong Kong, Great Britain and France in particular, the respective political situations proved to have a profound effect on turnover.

Investments in branding and technology

2019 proved a very special year for Junghans, not least due to the anniversary of the Bauhaus. The Schramberg watch manufacturer produced special, limited edition anniversary models for this very occasion, once again validating the superior internal design competence of the company. Junghans made ground-breaking investments in the technology sector in 2019. In conjunction with a new radio-controlled solar movement introduced for the max bill MEGA Solar model in 2020, the Junghans App designed to allow synchronization with the MEGA watches also underwent further development. This App provided new, improved functions including a considerably faster transfer rate for synchronisation of the time. Moreover, a tremendous amount of work was invested in the construction of this watch models, allowing the classics of the max bill range onwards of the 2020 models – as already available for the Meister models – to be retrofitted with sapphire crystal. The involvement in strategically relevant sponsorship activities was increased considerably in 2019 to appeal to significant target groups and to increase visibility of the brand. This included a venture into the sponsoring of winter sports as official timing partner at the 52nd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and the 48th FIL Luge World Championships, as well as sponsoring of the BMW Open and the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix.

Outlook for 2020

The Inhorgenta Munich trade fair traditionally kicks off the new year with regard to Junghans watches. This expo allows visitors to view all new models of the year for the very first time. For aficionados of mechanical models, Junghans is set to unveil a whole new range: the Meister S Chronoscope. Demonstrating the versatility and sportiness so highly regarded for everyday occupational and leisure activities, this watch lacks none of the elegance associated with the Meister range. In the max bill MEGA Solar, Junghans has developed a model which embodies the technical competence of the traditional watch brand. This new timepiece with minimalistic Bauhaus style functions with a meticulously precise Junghans radio-controlled movement and absorbs the energy generated by the sun to produce sustainable, effective power.

Junghans – Live your style

Junghans has been giving a face to time for over 150 years. The attention to detail, the high demands on design and quality and generations of technical expertise have characterised the products of Uhrenfabrik Junghans since it was founded in 1861. Values that form the foundations for the success story of the company from Schramberg in the Black Forest. In 1903 Junghans was the largest clock manufacturer in the world, with over 3,000 employees. The development of precision movements made the company the largest German manufacturer of chronometers in 1951 and the third largest worldwide in 1956. In 1972 Junghans was the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games in Munich, setting new standards in timekeeping. After an eventful and turbulent company history, the Schramberg businessmen Dr. Hans-Jochem and Hannes Steim became the new proprietors of the venerable company in 2009, ushering in a new era of growth. Junghans still produces all of its watches on the historical company site. In 2018 the terrace building has been revived for its 100th birthday. In this monument to industrial architecture, long the light-flooded centrepiece of Junghans watch production, the tradition of watch and clockmaking in the Black Forest can be experienced in the form of a museum. The current collection also references the long tradition of the company in design and watchmaking - transported to the present in contemporary form. For example, with the Meister watches, which have been manufactured since the 1930s, or the timepieces of Max Bill. These Bauhaus classics were first created in 1956 in collaboration with the Swiss designer – and are still produced to his designs in almost unaltered form today. In 1990 Junghans set new standards with the invention of the first radio-controlled wristwatch – a technology that is making its mark once again in 2018 with a new generation of intelligent, Schramberg-made radio-controlled movements of great precision and accuracy. The clear design language of the Junghans watches is a constant factor throughout the history of the company. The latest indication of this can be found in the stylish models of the FORM family, with their reduced simplicity. For over 150 years now Junghans watches have combined watchmaking and design expertise on the wrist. Style made tangible.